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FARM will help you sponsor your own grassroots vegan and animal protection project.

Through several years of operating the Sabina Fund, we have come to know dozens of effective, dedicated grassroots groups doing amazing work to promote vegetarianism and animal protection throughout the world.

Donate here and specify what kind of Sabina project you would like to sponsor or for more details.

Here are examples:

Action Group for Animal Liberation (Belgium) produced and distributed a brochure on 'Vegetarian Living.'
Animals’ Angels (Germany) follows trucks hauling live animals throughout Europe and North America, providing food and water to suffering animals and alerting authorities to animal welfare violations.
Anonymous for Animals (Israel) holds annual Meatout and World Farm Animals Day observances featuring street theater, marches, and food sampling.
Chelma Advisory Institute (Kenya) is developing vegetarian awareness through community workshops.
Compassionate Action for Animals conducted undercover work to expose the cruelty of Michael Foods, the world's largest egg products company.
Compassion Over Killing maintains a weekly exhibit of factory farm and slaughterhouse photographs on the National Mall.
Concordia Animal Rights Association (Canada) set up a vegan resource center in Montreal.
Empatia (Poland) is publishing and distributing vegetarian literature.
Friends of Animals (Croatia) built an exhibit documenting the atrocities of factory farming.
Gentle Barn is a small farmed animal sanctuary near LA that hosts educational outings for hundreds of school children.
Global Action Network (Canada) investigates animal cruelties in Canadian factory farms and slaughterhouses.
Health Seminars Unlimited conducts plant-based cooking classes and health seminars in Alabama.
Maine Animal Coalition produces vegetarian cooking shows for public access television.
Nigeria Vegetarian Society is conducting large scale vegetarian feeding and education programs.
Progetto Vivere Vegan (Italy) published the Italian version of 'Why Vegan' and built a traveling exhibit.
Protecting Animals sets up library displays in Chicago.
Rhode Island Animal Rights Coalition acquired a video van to show the conditions of farmed animals.
Vegan Action is introducing vegan meals in college cafeterias.
Veg Video produces vegetarian television shows for public access stations.
Yes Future (Russia) is sponsoring vegetarian festivals.
• Several dozen women's emancipation groups in India hold annual Meatout and World Farm Animals Day observances
with lectures, marches, and bicycle rallies in nearby villages.

You can sponsor such projects through us or we can put you in touch with our applicants directly. Typical grants range between $500-$1,500.


Thanks for your interest in FARM's Sabina Fund.
To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please or call 888- FARM-USA (327-6872).


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