our Staff

  • Marketing Director
    Eric C. Lindstrom is FARM’s Marketing Director. Coming on board in 2016 with over 20 years experience in advertising, design, marketing, and communications, Eric works closely with other FARM te..Read More.
  • Website & Data Manager
    Ethan Eldreth joined the FARM team in 2013 to provide administrative and membership support and is currently the Registrar for the Animal Right National Conference. Ethan enrolled at Maryland's Salisb..Read More.
  • 10 Billion Lives Program Manager
    Radish XVX is FARM’s 10 Billion Lives Program Manager, joining us in this capacity after operating six of our tours since 2013. The 10 Billion Lives Tour has taken them all over the United State..Read More.
  • 10 Billion Lives Program Coordinator
    Jillian Lowry is FARM’s 10 Billion Lives Tour Coordinator, joining us in this capacity after operating four tours since 2015. The 10 Billion Lives Tour took her to 43 states and encouraged discu..Read More.
  • Grassroots Activation Manager
    Hayden Hamilton joined the FARM team in March of 2017 as the Grassroots Activation Manager. Responsible for organizing FARMs “days of action,” including Meatout and World Day for Farmed An..Read More.
  • Online Marketing Manager
    Ally Hinton is the Online Marketing Manager for FARM. She has been working in digital marketing and video production for over ten years. Prior to working at FARM she worked as the Head of Digital Mark..Read More.
  • International Programs Director
    Jessika Ava is the FARM International Programs Director where she is responsible for expanding FARM’s efforts into Asia by building local group capacity and introducing modern vegan advocacy cam..Read More.
  • Development Coordinator
    LaKia Roberts joined the FARM team in February 2015 to strengthen relationships with our supporters. LaKia administers thank you letters and other correspondence with donors, assists with fundraising ..Read More.
  • Project Coordinator
    Bryan Monell worked in the animal rights movement for more than 20 years before settling down near Washington, DC to organize high-profile outreach events and assist with various projects from our Nat..Read More.
  • Meatout Mondays Manager
    Kristin Lajeunesse joined FARM in 2013 to assist new and aspiring vegans navigate along their paths. She is now our Meatout Mondays Manager, creating a weekly e-newsletter and corresponding blog posts..Read More.
  • AR Conference Coordinator
    Chelsea Davis is the coordinator for FARM's annual Animal Rights National Conference. It is clear that Chelsea dedicates her life to helping animals when you look at her involvement in the movement. S..Read More.
  • Letters from FARM Coordinator
    Lenka Fill manages FARM’s Letter to Editors representative database, where she ensures that each month hundreds of letters advocating the vegan message are sent to newspaper editors across the US. S..Read More.