10 Billion Lives National Tour Hits the Road!

Please give a warm welcome to Casey & Bennet, the tour operators for the 10 Billion Lives National Tour for Spring 2017 outreach!

Casey Clemens joins us from Long Island, NY. Before climbing aboard the 10 Billion Lives tour, she worked as an animal caregiver and educator at a farmed animal sanctuary. She has a Bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation with minors in anthrozoology and philosophy, and is planning on pursuing a Master's degree in Humane Education.

Bennet Barone hails from Santa Monica, CA. Before joining our outreach tour, Bennet taught English in Brazil for 3 years. He is currently between majors at Santa Monica College and has interests in English and journalism. Bennet got started with activism through FARM’s Compassionate Activist Network, organizing leaflet events in his community.

HUGE THANKS to Casey & Bennet for their dedication and sacrifice to saving animals with our 10 Billion Lives outreach tour!