10 Billion Lives Outreach is Underway for Spring 2017!

We’re excited to announce that the Spring 2017 tour for 10 Billion Lives outreach has begun! Please say hello to Jen & Grace, the crew leading this semester’s tour.

Jennifer Liepin hails from New York City. Nomadic by nature, she roams apartment to apartment petsitting across NYC, while tutoring, running NYC's 1st petsitting company, Woof Woof NYC, and managing a volunteer work exchange at her Bnb in Jersey City. She enjoys writing for the blog she shares with her husband, NY Nomads, in which they discuss topics, such as living in NYC rent free, cruelty free, and as zero impact as possible. Vegetarian since age 8, she has only become vegan in the last year. She is excited to share with the 10 Billion Lives audience her own recent journey in recognizing the horrors of the farm industry.

Grace is a California native from Tustin who wants to live in a compassionate and just world. She graduated with a degree in Sociology from San Francisco State University and is eager to help build a better world for human and non-human animals. When she's not explaining to people how she gets her protein, you can find her wandering around a museum, reading library books, or attempting to perfect the best vegan brownie recipe. Grace has been vegan for almost two years.