Our Programs

FARM brings a results-oriented approach to animal advocacy, with three unique areas of focus: Exposing the public to the tragic realities of animal agriculture, nurturing people along the vegan path, and mobilizing the grassroots animal movement to become more active and more effective. Our most significant programs include:

Have We Been Lied To?

Our Have We Been Lied To? (National and Southwest) and online experience entice viewers to watch a 4-minute mini-documentary on animal agriculture. After watching they are encouraged to pledge to eat fewer animals and guided by our vegan support resources. We have in total reached more than 300,000 people who have spared millions of animals.

Vegan Support

FARM’s Meatout Mondays newsletter, 8-week starter guide email series, Live Vegan website, and additional resources ensure that those who explore veganism do not revert back to meat-eating – with readers reporting a 30% larger decline in animal consumption than non-readers.

Animal Rights National Conference

The Animal Rights National Conference is the world’s largest and longest-running animal rights gathering, hailing back to 1981. With 100 speakers and 60 organizations represented, the conference is open to a diverse array of viewpoints on animal liberation. Conferences are held each year, alternating between the East and West coasts and bring together over 1,500 caring people each year to network, share wisdom and learn new skills. 

Seasonal Days of Action

Since its founding, FARM has designated specific days each year to encourage all activists to stand up for animals. Meatout, held every March 20, brings public attention to delicious vegan foods; Vegan Earth Day calls environmentalists to consider the impacts of animal agriculture; World Day for Farmed Animals, held every October 2, memorializes and draws attention to the billions of farmed animals killed for food; and Compassionate Holidays encourages vegan eating and supportive community during Thanksgiving and winter holidays.

Letters from FARM

FARM maintains a vast network of people who sponsor letters to the editor of their local newspapers on the various benefits of vegan eating. By connecting vegan and animal issues with topical current events, we see hundreds of letters published each year reaching potentially millions of people who wouldn’t otherwise hear our urgent message.

Compassionate Activist Network

Thanks to several sponsors and donors, FARM’s Compassionate Activist Network offers incentives to new and experienced activists looking to engage in effective activism. CAN provides guides, brochures, and tools to engage in pay-per-view, leafleting, classroom lectures, food sampling, and other forms of activism.

Sabina Fund

Since 1999, we have awarded small grants to nearly 150 grassroots groups for promoting a plant-based diet and respect for animals in the US and 30 other countries. The Fund honors the memory of FARM Founding President Alex Hershaft's mother, Sabina. In 2014, we shifted to awarding a smaller number of large merit-based grants to high-impact organizations, contributing over $100,000 to effective projects in Israel, India, and select Latin American and European countries.

Institutional Projects

When an opportunity arises, FARM seeks to encourage large food companies to replace animal products or increase vegan options. Most recently, Ben & Jerry’s announced the addition of a vegan line of almond-milk ice cream after FARM gathered nearly 30,000 signatures petitioning them and leafleted at dozens of their Free Cone Day events. We have also been a force behind college campuses and entire public school districts implementing Meatless Mondays menus.