Have We Been Lied To?

We're changing hearts, minds, and diets by the thousands!

Our dedicated staff and volunteers offer passersby $1 to watch the video – an outreach method known as "pay-per-view." After watching, viewers are encouraged to decrease consumption of animals and work towards a vegan diet. The results speak for themselves - more than 80% of viewers commit to eating fewer animal products!

Our Video:

Tour News:

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is doing “pay-per-view” video outreach at the Warped Tour Music Festival. Attendees will watch FARM’s hard-hitting 10 Billion Lives video and witness for themselves the horrible truths of animal agriculture. Our ongoing success would not be possible without the incredible help that our touring staff receives from local volunteers! These much-needed, dedicated individuals rally to the cause to help us reach even more people. Volunteer with us below!

Volunteer With Us:

Volunteers Needed WarpedTour

Click here to volunteer with FARM at Warped Tour!

Upcoming Events:

Our crew has been following Warped Tour through dozens of cities across the nation, reaching tens of thousands of young, open-minded viewers.

7/07 Camden, NJ

7/08 Wantagh, NY (NYC)

7/09 Hartford, CT

7/10 Scranton, PA

7/11 Virginia Beach, VA

7/13 Darien Center, NY

7/14 Burgettstown, PA

7/15 Holmdel, NJ

7/16 Columbia, MD

7/18 Cuyahoga Falls, OH

7/19 Cincinnati, OH

7/20 Nobelsville, IN