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Our Programs

Animal Rights National Conference

The Animal Rights National Conference is the world’s largest and longest-running animal rights gathering, hailing back to 1981. With 100 speakers and 60 organizations represented, the conference is open to a diverse array of viewpoints on animal liberation. Conferences are held each year, alternating between the East and West coasts and bring together over 1,500 caring people each year to network, share wisdom and learn new skills. 

Seasonal Days of Action

Since its founding, FARM has designated specific days each year to encourage all activists to stand up for animals. Meatout, held every March 20, brings public attention to delicious vegan foods; Vegan Earth Day calls environmentalists to consider the impacts of animal agriculture; World Day for Farmed Animals, held every October 2, memorializes and draws attention to the billions of farmed animals killed for food; and Compassionate Holidays encourages vegan eating and supportive community during Thanksgiving and winter holidays.

Letters from FARM

FARM maintains a vast network of people who sponsor letters to the editor of their local newspapers on the various benefits of vegan eating. By connecting vegan and animal issues with topical current events, we see hundreds of letters published each year reaching potentially millions of people who wouldn’t otherwise hear our urgent message.

Sabina Fund

Since 1999, we have awarded small grants to nearly 150 grassroots groups for promoting a plant-based diet and respect for animals in the US and 30 other countries. The Fund honors the memory of FARM Founding President Alex Hershaft's mother, Sabina. In 2014, we shifted to awarding a smaller number of large merit-based grants to high-impact organizations, contributing over $100,000 to effective projects in Israel, India, and select Latin American and European countries.

Institutional Projects

When an opportunity arises, FARM seeks to encourage large food companies to replace animal products or increase vegan options. Most recently, Ben & Jerry’s announced the addition of a vegan line of almond-milk ice cream after FARM gathered nearly 30,000 signatures petitioning them and leafleted at dozens of their Free Cone Day events. We have also been a force behind college campuses and entire public school districts implementing Meatless Mondays menus.


Support Us

We feel as you do: that no animal deserves to live a life of pain and suffering, deprived of love and companionship of family, only to meet a terrifying and unnecessary death.

Thanks to caring supporters like you, FARM is bringing about a more hopeful future for farmed animals. With your generosity and partnership, we will continue to made great strides in building a more compassionate world as we raise awareness, cultivate compassion, and save lives.

Here are ways you can partner with us:

Make a secure online donation

Every dollar matters! Whether you can spare $20 to reach dozens of people with our life-saving message or $1,000 to sponsor outreach for an entire community, a contribution of any size makes our groundbreaking work possible.

Make your tax-deductible donation today over the phone at 301-530-1737, or via check mailed to our headquarters

Farm Animal Rights Movement
10101 Ashburton Lane
Bethesda, MD 20817


Become a FARM Animal Hero through monthly giving

Pledge a monthly amount to provide a steady stream of income with no transaction fees.

Make your monthly pledge here: https://www.givedirectcharity.org/donate/?cid=483

Donate through workplace giving

You can donate through your payroll deduction plan by naming FARM's full IRS name (Farm Animal Reform Movement) on forms. Be sure to specify "Reform" in official paperwork. You can also donate through your state payroll campaign by looking FARM up in your guide (CFC #11338).

Donate appreciated assets

Donating assets (such as real estate and securities) that have appreciated in value provides you the double tax advantage of avoiding capital gains taxes while affording a full deduction of the assets' current value from your taxable income.

For example, if your house or securities, purchased for $100,000, are now worth $150,000, you have two choices for liquidating:

  •  Sell the assets and pay capital gains tax on $50,000  
  • Donate it directly to FARM, avoid all capital gains tax, and claim a $150,000 deduction from your taxable income

For additional details, please e-mail us or by call 888-FARM-USA (327-6872).

Plan your giving through a will or charitable trust

Ensuring that your cause keeps going when you no longer can provides the rewarding feeling that you will continue to make a difference. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Name FARM in your will - Your bequest to FARM can be in the form of cash, securities, or other assets. The bequest reduces your estate tax liability. The will has to go through the probate process, which can consume a year or more and significant attorney and executor fees.
  • Name FARM in your life insurance or retirement plan – Similar to naming FARM in your will, this option allows small contributions over a period of time, provides a tax deduction, and avoids probate. ·
  • Name FARM in your charitable remainder trust - Naming FARM as the residual beneficiary of your charitable remainder trust provides you an immediate tax deduction, exemption from capital gains tax, and an income for you and your current beneficiary. FARM receives the residual.

Please note that FARM staff cannot provide legal or financial advice. Please consult an attorney and/or financial adviser to help make your decisions.

To discuss these options or for more information, please e-mail us or call us at 301-530-1737.

Donate your services

Many supporters donate services or products in addition to or instead of money. Here are some examples:


  • Graphic design
  • Printing
  • Billboard or print ad space
  • Event coordination through our Compassionate Activist Network


  • Airline tickets or frequent flier miles
  • Computers, printers, and other valuable office equipment
  • LCD projectors
  • Office equipment

Donate your used vehicle

If you’ve got a used car, boat, motor home, or motorcycle, donate it to FARM to avoid the hassles of selling and get a tax deduction. With free pick-up, it’s hassle-free. Click here or call 877-FARM-566 (327-6577)

Support FARM while you shop

Use the following links while you shop and a portion of your purchase will be donated to FARM:

What We Do

Animal Rights Conference

Since launching the animal rights movement in 1981, the national animal rights conference has grown into the world's largest gathering of animal rights advocates, with 1600 participants, 160 speakers, and more than 100 exhibitors. 

The conference's vision is that of a world where animals are no longer used for food, clothing, research, and entertainment. Its missions are to expose the various forms of animal abuse, to provide training in personal growth, organizing, and advocacy, and to offer a forum for networking and for recognizing emerging movement leaders.

Letters to Editor

Each year, we send letters with a vegan theme to editors of hundreds of America's newspapers, with an average circulation of 50,000. Nearly 500 publish at least one of our letters in the course of a year, bringing our message to tens of millions. We address traditional holidays, like New Year's, Earth Day, Mother's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, as well as Meatout, World Day for Farmed Animals, and major news developments involving animal use and care, diet and health, and environmental conservation.

Vegan Advocacy in Israel

We provide grants to a half dozen Israeli organizations that advocate veganism and animal rights to both the Jewish and Arab populations.

Vegan Advocacy in East Asia

For the past year, our East Asia program has been exploring opportunities for funding and coordinating the work of grassroots vegan advocacy organizations in India, China, and Nepal.