World Day for Farmed Animals Events

Since 1983, activists around the world hold events on October 2nd including vigils, memorial services, demonstrations, die-ins, cage-ins, & leafleting events to speak up for the 65 BILLION animals killed for food every year. 
One of the most powerful ways to take a stand for animals is to hold demonstrations at slaughterhouses and other sites of animal exploitation to call attention to the suffering that takes place there. To register your World Day for Farmed Animals event, or to see if there is one already scheduled in your community, visit us here:

Join thousands around the world by participating in the 100 brochure challenge. Pass out 100 brochures on October 2nd to speak up for the 160 million animals killed for food EVERY DAY. Order brochures:

Show your solidarity by downloading and sharing the WDFA memes on your social media:

Pledge to #FastAgainstSlaughter on World Day for Farmed Animals (Oct 2) and join thousands of activists all over the world in speaking up for farmed animals in this moving commemoration of their lives. Pledge and help spread the word: