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Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization working to end the use of animals for food through public education and grassroots activism. We believe in the inherent self-worth of animals, as well as environmental protection and enhanced public health. We operate just outside of Washington, DC and work through our Compassionate Activist Network (CAN) with volunteers in all 50 U.S. states and two dozen other countries.

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Since our beginning in 1976 and official formation in 1981, FARM has launched a variety of grassroots campaigns in pursuit of our mission: World Day for Farmed Animals , Great American Meatout, Gentle Thanksgiving, 10 Billion Lives Tour, Letters from FARM, Sabina Fund, Vegan Earth Day, Meatout Mondays, and Live Vegan.

Additionally, FARM conducts movement-wide programs, like the Animal Rights National Conference. Every summer between 1981 and 1987, then in 1997, and every year since 2000, FARM has been organizing national conferences that turn concerned individuals into effective animal advocates. Currently, the conferences alternate between the East Coast (Washington, DC) on the odd years and the West Coast (California) on the even years.

FARM's Approach

FARM’s mission is to end the use of animals for food. In support of this mission, we operate on several levels.
On the grassroots level, which accounts for the majority of our efforts, we engage likely target audiences, according to their interests, and nudge them along the vegan path. Behind the scenes, we develop resources that make the vegan lifestyle more “doable.” We also support the animal rights movement and grassroots groups around the world.

On the institutional and legislative levels, we are open to initiatives that reduce the use of animal products in food processing and serving. We shy away from legislative initiatives, as they are very costly, unlikely to reduce the number of animals used for food, and vulnerable to unintended consequences.

On the public level, we promote acceptance of veganism by publishing supportive letters to the editor and by placing billboards and bus display cards in major metropolitan areas. Occasionally, we seek to capture media attention through dramatic displays.

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Over the past few decades, public awareness of the benefits of plant-based eating and farmed animal abuse has grown substantially:

  • Over 30 million Americans have explored a vegetarian diet
  • Consumption of beef and veal have dropped by 30 and 70 percent, respectively
  • Many fast food chains and some major food processors now offer meatless options
  • Mainstream public health organizations are promoting a plant-based diet
  • 93 percent of consumers oppose farmed animal abuse and 80 percent favor government regulations


FARM grew out of the Vegetarian Information Service, which was formed in 1976 to disseminate information on the benefits of plant-based eating on consumer health, animal protection, and environmental integrity.

FARM was officially launched as an animal rights organization in July 1981, along with other groups forming the modern US animal rights movement, at the "Action For Life" Conference in Allentown (PA). The conference brought seasoned leaders of the established vegetarian movement together with animal rights advocates searching for a national organizational outlet for their passion.


FARM is funded primarily by contributions from individuals who care about animal rights, human health, and environmental integrity. Contributions to FARM are a great investment for a number of reasons:

  • FARM maintains an exceptionally low overhead.
  • FARM has one of the lowest budgets among national animal organizations and staffers volunteer all or part of their time, so each contribution makes a large impact.
  • FARM is a member of Animal Charities of America, Combined Federal Campaign, and United Way, and abides by the strict operating and accounting standards of these institutions.
  • FARM is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

All contributors receive program announcements, newsletters reporting on FARM's and other programs, and an Annual Report. Our audited financial report is available on request.

FARM's EIN (tax ID number) is 52-1302627.


Thank you for your compassion towards animals. Please show your support for FARM and farmed animals by donating now.

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