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This year marked the 29th celebration of Meatout, an international day of awareness devoted to educating the public of all the benefits of a vegan diet. Ever year, the campaign and our activists accomplish many feats that never fail to impress our supporters. However, Meatout 2013 in particular has been a landmark year; with a brand new image, the drive to provide thousands of pledgers with ongoing resources to help them become vegan, and a network of dedicated volunteers, Meatout undoubtedly changed the diets and minds of thousands. How do we know? Take a look at the results!

We're Lookin' Good!

In March, we debuted a revamped look for the campaign. We created all new handouts, posters, banners and a new website! The response was overwhelming;  the welcoming look of our materials made inviting conversation with the public easier, while our glossy website enticed those online to take the pledge. Our acclaimed makeover played a huge role in making 2013 a successful year for Meatout.

Facebook Users 'Like' the Pledge!

In order to reach as many people as possible, we launched the official Meatout Facebook page! With the Facebook page, we made it easier than ever for the public to learn about and take the Meatout pledge. The page also allowed our supporters to share the pledge quickly with their friends and families! By posting viral images and running ads on the sidebar, we directed the public to our page to take the pledge. Our efforts worked, as made clear by comments like this left on our timeline: "Very new to being vegetarian but so far feeling great! Thanks for all the tips and helpful advice!You're welcome!

Americans Embrace Meatout

With events happening across the United States,the Meatout message could be seen far and wide on streets, campuses and events. Our event coordinators worked diligently to cook up tasty meat and dairy alternatives to distribute and the public just couldn't say no

In Washington D.C., FARM staff and volunteers rose bright and early for the chance to provide the attendees of the St. Patrick's Day Parade a taste of the vegan diet. Over one thousand samples of Gardein were distributed and the reception was great! Staff in San Jose, CA held a similar feed-in, serving hundreds of Gardein samples to students at SJSU. In Pennsylvania, lucky 5th graders at Copper Beech Elementary were treated to delicious Tofurky sandwiches that they happily built on their own and enjoyed. Similar events were conducted in Johnson City, TN, Laguna Beach, CA, Honolulu, HI, Cypress, CA, Forest Grove, OR and many more

We also exposed tens of thousands of public transit commuters all over Los Angeles and San Francisco to Meatout by running bus ads encouraging them to take the Meatout pledge!

Meatout Spreads Globally!

International activists and organizations are always on the front lines for Meatout. With dozens of events happening in countries like Croatia, Spain, India, Chile, Colombia, Canada, Israel and many more, Meatout’s message reached the global masses.

In Croatia, activists conducted a cooking workshop that gained prime time news coverage. In Spain, activists in two cities protested against animal consumption by portraying themselves as meat in packaging seen in a common grocery store. Also in Spain, a heart wrenching protest was conducted in front of a slaughterhouse. As for India, volunteers gave school children information on the benefits of a plant-based diet and then gave them a taste of a vegan diet with a feed-in.

Our Dedicated Coalition

Many organizations joined in to spread the Meatout message by promoting the campaign and coordinating events. Thanks to groups such as Compassion Over KillingFarm SanctuaryMercy for AnimalsPETA, In Defense of Animals and others for their support! Also, thank you to Gardein, Tofurky, Whole Soy & Co. and So Delicious for providing coupons to our activists and pledgers.

While many groups supported the efforts of Meatout, two groups in particular played a key role in ensuring the campaign's success. By providing grants, VegFund and A Well-Fed World made sure that our activists had the funds to set up events filled with enticing foods for the public. Thank you for all your work this year!

Thanks to All Our Supporters!

Dozens of groups and thousands of activists did everything they could to help get the Meatout message to the public. Meatout is about showing the public how a vegan diet can be delicious, healthy, and fun; we rely on all of our supporters to help make Meatout what it is. Thank you!

What's Next?
Earth Day is coming up on April 22, US Veg Week the following week and the Animal Rights Conference in Washington, D.C. in June! Get ready to get involved!

Meatout is an annual campaign of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
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