Join us in expanding vegan options in your community!

Dear FARM supporter,

Great news! We’ve heard from many of our supporters that Whole Foods Market is considering switching to “Just Mayo” (an egg-free mayonnaise offered by Hampton Creek) for their prepared food sections. This could literally save thousands of chickens each year. Will you help make this happen?

It’s easy!

Click here to find your nearest Whole Foods location (or locations!), speak to the person called the “team leader” in the prepared foods/deli section, and let them know how thrilled you’d be if they switch to “Just Mayo".

Of course, provide them with honest reasons for your excitement – such as trying to eat healthier, looking to buy more sustainable foods, having an egg allergy, etc. To prevent it from appearing that only vegans would like an egg-free mayo, please express how these are issues that many customers care about. Remember, we’re hoping all the mayo gets switched to egg-free – no matter what anyone orders!

Be friendly!

Whole Foods is the leading retailer in offering delicious plant-based foods. While many of us may have differences with some of the products and practices of any grocery chain, we’re grateful for their leadership on making vegan food mainstream, so let’s make sure to be super-friendly.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!


Michael A. Webermann
Executive Director
Farm Animal Rights Movement

PS: If the prepared foods ‘team leader’ isn’t in when you visit, please ask for his/her name, the phone number, the best time to reach him/her, and call with your message. Also, I'd love it if you could let me know how it goes or ask for more details by emailing me.

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